It's All about Whiskey Tasting

When you get into any bar, liquor store, wine shop, or restaurant, you will be overwhelmed with the many choices for spirits. Literally, you will be able to find thousands of gins, vodkas, liquors, and whiskeys that are available for anyone who likes a drink. Wine and beer tasting has been done for years now while whiskey tasting has just started. The reason for this is that it is quite difficult for people to think about drinking liquor straight. Some people are overwhelmed with the idea of slowly sipping bourbon or a single malt scotch. This idea of drinking spirits straight has always been considered as acquired taste. However if you happen to be not used to the taste of whiskey, you can do some basic practices that will make the experience more enjoyable for you. This will allow your palate to discover the spirits world without any hesitation.

One of the main reasons why drinking spirits straight can be quite shocking to the system is that it has high alcohol content. A lot of whiskeys are 80 percent proof. This means that it has 40 percent alcohol by volume. You can even come across some bourbon and scotch that are 100 proof. This is nothing compared to wine which can be 12 to 15 percent alcohol by volume and beer which is 4 to 10 percent. This is why spirits really pack a punch. When we say punch, it's that burning sensation that you feel in your mouth which tends to overshadow the other flavors found in the spirit.

Here are some tips you can use for you to totally taste the flavors that spirits are offering you in every punch:

You have to know what you're drinking.
Before you drink any spirit, you have to know what kind it is. For instance, you're about to drink bourbon which is predominantly corn and mixed with rye or wheat or both. Being aware of this would help your palate to be ready for the drink. Bourbon is also aged in charred oak barrels. The image that it can conjure can help you be prepared for a woody and dry taste. Check out barrel aged cocktails online for more info. 

Be mindful of your sense of smell.
Most of the taste of any spirit comes from your sense of smell. When it comes to spirits, it is important for you to not to smell deeply. Just place your nose below the rim of the spirit glass. This will enable your system to get used to the alcohol and at the same time it allows your system to be able to smell the alcohol. Also keep in mind that liquor barrels come in various sizes

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