How to Spice up the Flavor of Your Home Customized Whiskey

Whiskey happens to be one of the greatest inventions ever to get realized. Over the years, whiskey production has more than evolved, bringing out perfect blends in the process. However, whiskey, as it turns out, is not a drink for the ordinary Joe. To have a glass or two of the priceless liquor, you have to part with a fortune, money that you might not have at your disposal.

However, the good news is that there is one approach you can use to customize your whiskey right in the comfort of your home, and at the same time spend less. With an oak barrel, you can do wonders to your brew. In principle, the barrel holds the liquor in place, protects it from the elements of weather, and at the same time gives the spirit ample time to age. Remember these when choosing whiskey flavoring

If you want to customize your whiskey in the shortest time possible, you require a small barrel. Nevertheless, a significant oak barrel proves useful in aging large volumes of Scotch. With the oak barrel at hand, all you need to do is clean the interior of the container to destroy all germs and bacteria that might contaminate your whiskey.

Later on, it gets expected of you to half fill the clean barrel with some Scotch, preferably one without any scents and flavors. It is only when the oak barrel gets half filled with whiskey that you get compelled to add in any seasonings that you may so desire. As a rule of thumb, you are supposed to mix one bottle of flavor essence with a liter of Scotch. The additives help enhance the resultant flavor that results when your whiskey idles in an enclosed barrel for a given amount of time.

Since you would want to maximize on an opportunity and age a gallon or two of whiskey, it gets recommended that you fill the rest of the barrel with the flavorless Scotch to its brim and then cap it. It is only after fourteen days that you can then open the barrel and take a sip of the brew. If you are not in a rush, you can leave the Scotch to age in the barrel for longer. In doctrine, high grades of whiskey happen to have aged for longer. You can then serve yourself with a glass of your home customized whiskey that is if the flavors seem to excite your taste buds. Check out Red Head Barrels online for more info. 

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